JFF was Blaine's pain!

October 12, 2017

Former Reggae Boyz technical director Vin Blaine has thrown a barb at the Jamaica Football Federation, saying he was restricted in his role and is now enjoying his stint with the Grenada Football Association.

"I don't think I was being offered the ability to do what I wanted to do in Jamaica. Most people on the outside don't know the restrictions that came with the position as technical director," said Blaine, adding that he is now in charge of all technical matters related to football in Grenada.

"I am in charge of all teams. I influence the selection of coaches and I am also in charge of the entire development of programmes. That is good because I am being supported by the president. He gives me good support. The vice-president, as well, and I have a very good relationship with the general secretary. It's comforting for me to know that I can have a say and not necessarily full autonomy, but pretty close."




Blaine, who left the Jamaica Football Federation in June, said that he has more freedom as technical director in Grenada because he is not being micromanaged like he was at the JFF.

"I look forward to work now. Unfortunately, I didn't look forward to it in Jamaica. Not knocking Jamaica, but I'm just telling you my own personal feelings about the football."

Blaine said what needs to change in Jamaica is how the sport is administered.

"My problem is that you have non-football minds trying to run the football. Some of it is here also, but here I am asked questions and I can influence questions. If my president asks me about certain situations and I give him my answer, he says, 'Okay'," Blaine said.

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