I am honoured, no matter where statue goes - Bolt

October 17, 2017
Water Square in Falmouth, Trelawny.
File The statue of Jamaican track legend Usain Bolt sculpted by Basil Watson.

Sprint legend Usain Bolt said he would simply be grateful for the huge honour and recognition from his country of having a statue in his honour, no matter where the monument is placed.

Bolt responded to the debate around the positioning of a statue, which is to be erected in his home parish of Trelawny, noting that he understands the calls for it to be placed in a public location.

There is a strong debate around where in the parish the statue should be placed, with the private access Cruise Ship Pier being pinpointed as the likely home of the Bolt statue. However, residents of the parish have argued that Water Square, which is accessible to the entire public or Bolt's childhood community of Sherwood Content would be more suitable locations.

"For me, the fact that I am getting a statue is an amazing feeling, because as a youth growing up from Sherwood Content, I never thought that I would gain such a status. So for me to actually get a statue, it doesn't really matter where it is. It's in Jamaica, so it is just an honour," Bolt said.

Nevertheless, the iconic sprinter did state that he understands those who argue that the statue needs to be in a public space.

"I understand that, but I don't make that decision," Bolt stated.

The first Usain Bolt statue is set to be unveiled at the National Stadium on December 3.

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