Petersfield needs support - Woolery

January 12, 2018

Machell Woolery head coach of Petersfield High School's track and field programme, which saw six athletes representing Jamaica at the junior level last year, said they don't get enough support from the parish.

Coach Woolery noted that apart from being the best in teh sport in the parish, Petersfield also gear their student-athletes to move on to colleges overseas, most recent being the national junior shot put and javelin record holder Kevin Nedrick.

"We don't get the support from the parish that we would have liked. We have a few persons in the parish that try and give us some contributions - a few isolated business persons, but we need the support of corporate Westmoreland because we are the best and will continue to be the best striving each year for higher heights" Woolery told STAR Sports yesterday.

Petersfield finished third on both the boys and girls side at the Western Championships last year behind STETHS and Munro and Rusea's and STETHS respectively.

"We don't have any facility," said Woolery. "We don't have a gym or even space for gym equipment neither do we have a field. We use the community field which is a bit undersized with a lot of holes in it and also sometimes we have to make hay with the footballers."

"We are, however, grateful for the contribution of a few pieces of gym equipment from the Treat 54 Foundation in December that I think will be a big boost for this season," he added.

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