Jureidini relishes Bolt training with H'View

January 27, 2018

Harbour View FC general manager, Clyde Jureidini, said that there are countless opportunities his club could take advantage of, if sprint legend Usain Bolt follows up on a recent comment that he will be training with the East-Kingston club in preparation for his trial with Bundesliga giants, Borussia Dortmund.

Last year, the German club announced that the many time Olympic and World Championship gold medallist would get a trial, and that it was not marketing strategy for the club.

In an effort to get his game up to speed, the sprinter, who aspires to play for English Premier League club, Manchester United, made contact with his good friend and present Harbour View head coach, Ricardo 'Bibi' Gardner, to get some proper training under his belt.

It is unclear when the world's fastest man would begin training with the club or what the training schedule entails, but Jureidini said if Bolt was to train with the club for an extended period, there would be opportunities to exploit.

However, Jureidini was not willing to pre-empt the situation, saying he would prefer if the club first had private discussions with Bolt, before trying to capitalise on any possible opportunity that may arise.

"Usain has been invited to train when he wants to," Jureidini shared. "Both this season, and last season, he passed through and trained from time to time.




"I don't know his training programme or where it is - if it is here or in Europe, or if it's something being coordinated with Puma. But we surely would entertain him, and we would accommodate him, and we wouldn't have a problem," Jureidini said.

He continued that Bolt, being the international brand he is, would certainly attract a lot of attention to the club, and it would be good if they could take advantage of that.. "There are a million and one opportunities I could think of in that regard, and many others. But I wouldn't want to speculate. I would want to do that in the presence of Usain and 'Bibi'. But we would welcome the opportunity. He is an ambassador and we would welcome him in exploring that clear association. There are some (opportunities) we would more than welcome, but we would need private discussion first if there is an opportunity," he reasoned.

Jureidini pointed out that Bolt has been a long-time supporter of the club, and has trained casually from time to time since Gardner took over.

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