Meet Kadian Sutherland - UWI FC's self-proclaimed biggest fan

January 27, 2018
UWI FC supporter Kadian Sutherland, at a Red Stripe Premier League game at the UWI Mona Bowl on Sunday January 14.

Is it not often that you hear fans accusing a fellow supporter of their team that he or she wants to win more than the players. But that is the case with UWI FC's passionate and vociferous fan, Kadian Sutherland.

Sutherland, who considers herself, UWI's number one fan, has a legitimate claim, as she has been following the team since its inception, and has barely missed a game since.

The former St Mary High School student says her passion for UWI comes from being a former UWI student and player. She started playing football in high school around 2007. She started UWI in 2009 and began playing for their female football team that same year. Since becoming a Pelicans fan, she has only missed two games.

"From the Syd Bartlett (Knockout) competition, I have been following UWI, and that's how my love for the team started," she revealed.




Sutherland is often seen sitting by herself when cheering on her team as she prefers being alone so that she can shout at the top of her lungs. This, she says, allows her to avoid distraction from other fans, both home and away, some of whom she said she finds offensive.

"Being the only out-and-out supporter, it's good to be part of this journey. I am a passionate football supporter and I know the game well because I played. I will get vocal when even my team makes mistakes. I will talk about it, I will talk about the opponent or referees because I know the game," Sutherland said. "Most times, when I go to other venues, I stay by myself and assess the game. I don't like to hear other people's comments. There are fans that don't want to be fair and sometimes they are very disgusting. I don't want to hear their input on the game, so that's why I will stay by myself and support my team.

UWI's assistant coach, Andrew Peart, acknowledges Sutherland's commitment to the team and says she brings what he describes as a "vibe."

"Kadian has been to every game, whether we play in MoBay or Westmoreland. She is a former footballer for the university, with a degree in ecomonics and a javelin record at Eastern Champs, so she is not only a football fan but a former athlete.

"She brings a vibe to the team and always brings her son and he mingles with the players. So we are always grateful for her presence. If she is not here, it's going to be a problem because every game we play, she is there rain or shine," he stated.

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