Shaw woos sponsors for youth leagues

January 31, 2018

Wayne Shaw, president of the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA), yesterday told STAR Sports that his recent pronouncement of being unsure whether he would seek re-election was out of borne frustration with the lack of sponsorship for Corporate Area youth tournaments.

"What I said was I am not sure I will be running again in 2020, because it is very hard and time-consuming. I have a paying job and it takes a lot out of you, but one of my biggest problems is we have no sponsor for most of our youth competitions.

"We started our Under-17 competition without a sponsor and KSAFA ran $4 million in the red just to keep the competition, so it's kind of hard, and everybody is talking about youth development in the sport. They are not supporting from the bottom up, and that is where we must start.




"So all the senior competitions are sponsored, but the youth competitions, Under-15, Under-17 and Under-20, which are supposed to prepare our players of the future, have no sponsor, so that is kind of disheartening but I am not about to give up. I am not quitting, I will try different ways and means," he said.

Shaw, who took the reins last year January and will hold the post until 2020, rubbished rumours he wants to leave KSAFA because he is eyeing the netball presidency.

"Netball, no, man, nothing like that. Nothing like that. I have my job to do. I am a part of netball (board of directors), but it has nothing to do with it.

Shaw said he will see out his term but maintained that he would reconsider if things improve, which he expects with a monetary grant earmarked from FIFA.

"I am seeing out the term, I am not stepping down. I have never said I will not run back, especially if things improve. Things, I think, are about to improve, because we are about to get some money from FIFA that will trickle down to the parishes, so things are going to improve. Although it's kind of hard, I am not giving up. I will stick it out," he said.

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