'Pot ah boil' ...Allen's soup an RSPL fan favourite

February 03, 2018
Shorn Hector/Photographer Vendor Janet 'Indi' Allen serves up a cup of hot soup for recording artiste Future Fambo at the Barbican Complex on Sunday January 28.

You cannot be a regular Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) attendant and not know Janet Allen, otherwise known as 'Soupy' or 'Indy'.

'Soupy' is present at most RSPL games in the Corporate Area. Even after watching a 3 p.m. game, you are likely to see her at another venue later that day, such is the presence of the Premier League's most popular soup vendor.

Allen said that she discovered that the best place to relieve stress and forget troubles is at a football game. "No matter how you feel, when you come to a football match, it lifts your spirit and you feel happy. If you have a problem, just come to a match. You don't even remember the problem. That is why I love coming to football.

"I use to buy and sell clothes. But I couldn't see an income. Then a friend introduced me to this business and I took my money and start it and things started to get better. So I just continued. I don't remember when I started but it has been about 30 years," Allen told Star Sports.

Although Allen resides in Franklyn Town, she has a strong affection for Arnett Gardens FC. "I don't know why but I love Arnett Gardens. I like Tivoli and Waterhouse too. But I really like Arnett. I like the vibes there. They make you feel welcome, so I like going to Arnett to sell," she said.


"I go to other matches too, Super League, Manning Cup, as long as there is a football match, I am there. I didn't know anything about football, so I don't know how I got so attached to it. I just like the vibes and the people are warm and welcoming," she continued.

Allen's business is not limited to just football games, she sells at major dances and events across the Corporate Area, and is known and respected by most footballers and entertainers. "I move from one game to the other, go to parties as well. I work Uptown Mondays and 'Boasy' Tuesdays, and on Wednesday and Friday, I sell at Pulse and rest on Thursdays and Saturdays," she said.

Despite doing this for over 30 years, Allen has no intention of stopping now, as her regular customers expect to continue seeing her at RSPL games on Sundays.

"As long as life goes on, I will continue. They (customers) won't stop seeing me. Sometimes, when they don't see me, they tell me. I would tell them I can't be everywhere, I can't sell everybody, you have to bear with me. But they are used to me now. Everywhere I go, I hear 'Soupy!'. I give them nice soup and they love it. When going to a (Monday night) game, I have to bring two pots. So I won't stop. I am holding it strong, and I give God thanks," she said.

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