Elite League needs improvements - Nevers

February 05, 2018
Players and coaches of the Kingston Hummingbirds team pose with the trophy after winning the Berger Elite League title on Saturday. The Hummingbirds beat the Manchester Spurs in the final.

Veteran coach Winston Nevers said that the standard of the Berger Elite League has remained stagnant over the past couple of seasons and implored Netball Jamaica to look at ways to improve the league.

Nevers, who is the coach of many-times Berger Paints League champions Jamalco, told Star Sports that he was not impressed with the quality of play in this year's competition.

"The standard of the competition over the last two years have not improved because it remains the same," said Nevers.

"What we need in Jamaica now is for all top players to be playing in this league and then you will get it to a higher standard," Nevers said.

He added that Netball Jamaica needs to expand the competition to eight teams next season in order to attract more players to the competition.

"My recommendation to Netball Jamaica is that we need another two teams to add this competition, and there are players here that can add to it," said Nevers.

"However, we need to free up the players so that they can play for their clubs and also in the Elite League," he said. "They have restricted the players from playing for their clubs and a lot of players don't want to play in the Berger Elite League if they are not playing for their clubs."

The rule is that if you play in the pro league then you cannot come back and play for your club," he said.

The outspoken Nevers made his comments following the conclusion of this year's competition, which ended at the National Arena on Saturday. The Kingston Hummingbirds won the competition after recording a 2-0 series win over Manchester Spurs in the best-of-three finals.

Nevers has helped to guide the careers of top national players such as Romelda Aiken, and her sister Nicole Aiken-Pinnock, Vangelee Williams along with former national stars Elaine Davis, Nadine Bryan and Georgina Hibbert.

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