Cavalier to don national colours

February 06, 2018
Cavalier coach, Rudolph Speid (right), walks with his players at half-time during a Premier League match.

Cavalier will wear the national colours of black, green and gold instead of the club's traditional black and white gear during the Gothia Cup in Sweden, June 15-21.

"We are going to forgo wearing traditional black and white, and wear the national colours. So we will march out with the flag and play in the colours of Jamaica so people recognise us," the club's chairman and coach, Rudolph Speid, said at a press conference at the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) office yesterday.

"It is not really a Cavalier thing for me. It is about Jamaica. We are going into Europe to represent Cavalier, but Jamaica comes before Cavalier every time. We are going there to represent Jamaica, so people will say Cavalier from Jamaica."

Speid said development and exposure of Jamaica's young footballers is more than any one club and he hopes Cavalier represent with distinction and open doors for more Jamaicans.

"We will have Cavalier printed on the jersey, with the crest, but we want everyone to recognise this is Cavalier from Jamaica," he added.

Despite this being Cavalier first time at the tournament, Speid said his club has experience playing at international youth club competitions. He believes they can make a mark and help highlight the abundance of football talent in Jamaica, even serve as motivation for other local footballers.They have a four-day training camp planned in Norway prior to the start of the tournament.

"We want to be pioneers. We want to open doors for us as a football country. It is very important for the development of the country. We want people to say there are some good players there, so maybe we should pay them more attention. That is what we are all about," he explained.




He expects it will be a high-quality tournament at which they will put their best foot forward.

"It is our first time in Europe. The world is not such a big place anymore. We will do our research and we are going to Norway from the 10th of the month. We will stay there for four days and play a practice game before we go over to Sweden, so we are not going in there blind. We have a preparation period, go to the tournament to do our best, but we are going to be well prepared."

JFF president, Michael Ricketts, gave Cavalier full endorsement and his blessings.

"What Cavalier has done augers well for football. They have invested heavily in youth, an investment for the future, so we are endorsing this exercise and will support Cavalier and Mr Speid. We have made a pledge and will continue to give our support in whatever way we can." he said.

Cavalier's Gothia Cup squad:

Kareem Parris, Jamoy Topey, Jaedine White, Mique Daley, Omar Thompson, Dwayne Atkinson, Michael Allen, Khalfani, Brown, Giovanni Thomas, Dujant Grant, Dandre Miller, Javon Francis, Okeefe Cumingham, Shaneil Thomas, Tarique Barrett, Orville Smikle, Javon Cole and Roberto Campbell.

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