KSAFA to start u-10 tourney

February 07, 2018
Manchester United legend Denis Irwin conducts a training session with young players at the recent FLOW Skills Ultimate Football Experience Challenge, Ballaz, Liberty Park, St Andrew.


Encouraged by its assessment of five under-13 players to Barcelona's Nou Camp last October, the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) has decided to start an under-10 competition in April.

KSAFA president Wayne Shaw told STAR Sports that feedback from the trip and hearing players' experiences spurred the association to follow in the footsteps of more advanced football nations, who introduce the game in a competition structure from as early as possible.

"Milo carried the five youths to Barcelona and, in our discussion, we believe it is at five those players start. It's not by chance you have the Messis and Ronaldos. We have primary school (competitions), but in other countries they start from a younger age.




"In KSAFA, we are going to have an under-10 competition to start sensitising children to the rudiments of the game. It's not like you don't have nine and 10-year-olds playing because, in our under-13 competition, you have some nine and 10-year-olds already. We are getting them involved from younger, and we expect this to even improve the quality of the players we are currently producing," Shaw explained.

The tournament, which is set to start in April, will be done in a football festival style over the Easter weekend. KSAFA 's intention is to host three tournaments for the year - at Easter, summer and Christmas.

Mark Bennett, KSAFA vice-president, and the competition's co-chair, revealed that they have already secured sponsorship, though the deal is not yet closed, ahead of its official announcement.

"We have one sponsor already, which has omitted, though not in writing as yet. Hopefully, in another week or two, we can get that out of the way. We haven't informed the clubs officially, but we kept meetings and spoke about it.

"All the clubs who we have discussed it with are looking forward to it, though I am not sure all the clubs will be in a position to participate in the first one," he added.

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