Ffriend using NBL to stay in shape

February 08, 2018
Kimani Ffriend

National representative Kimani Ffriend will turn out for UWI Runin Rebels in this year's National Basketball League to stay in shape as he continues his search for a professional contract overseas.

"What the NBL will be doing is give me the opportunity to play here so whenever I get a call from my agent I will be ready to go play," said the 40-year-old.

"I am in great because I am working out every day, so I am going to play in the NBL and see where it goes from there in terms of getting another job overseas," Ffriend said.

Ffriend last played professional basketball in Serbia. He returned to the island last year after spending two years and eight months of a prison sentence, part of that period under house arrest, after he was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter in 2014 for the November 3, 2012, death of Serbian Nevena Dragtunovic.

Meanwhile, the NBL is set to tip off on Saturday with a double-header at the National Arena.

Ffriend, who is a 6'11' centre, will be playing in the NBL for the second time after playing one game for the Rebels in 2000.

The former Ardenne and Belair High School star noted that he is looking forward to playing in this year's competition, which will see some of island's basketballers taking part.

"I am excited because it is a great feeling to come back after coming out of Jamaica and playing professionally, so it is great to come back and play in front of your countrymen," said Ffreind.

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