'Pele', 'Rammie' aim to take St Bess to RSPL - Veterans turning back the clock out west

February 27, 2018
Kevin 'Pele' Wilson
Julian 'Rammie' McLeish

Veterans Kevin 'Pele' Wilson and Julian 'Rammie' McLeish are turning back the clock with some vintage performances for St Bess in the South Central Confederation (SCC)-Charley's JB Rum Super League. Wilson scored his first goal for St Bess in a 4-0 win over York Town last Sunday.

The winners jumped to 21 points from nine games at the top of Zone Two. The St Elizabeth-based club remains unbeaten with six wins and three drawn encounters.

Both players are determined to lift St Bess to next season's Red Stripe Premier League for the first time in the club's history.

Pele said that it is not about him, but the team, as he is there to guide the other players in the squad.

"A man took a shot and the ball came across to me and I finished with a little knock-in. I was playing in the Masters League and a man say he would love me and Rammie come to St Bess to play in the Super League," the 41-year-old Wilson recounted.

"I am not there to be selfish, I am happy for them. I don't want to take the light from them as I have done that before. When me get the chance, I will deal with it. I am there to guide the players. The supporters are fully behind the team and that is important," the former Charlie Smith and Jamaica star striker added.

"The coach (Linval 'Palla' Wilson) is a man I used to play with, so he is the coach, so I have to take talk as he is dealing with it. We have that understanding," he declared.




"I tell them to win the league first, so that is the focus. When you win the league, it's a spot in the play-off. I keep telling them to focus on the play-off," he added.

McLeish who went to St Bess last September after last playing in the premier league in 2013 said two have certainly boosted the team.

"I have confidence in Pele, so he is there to teach the strikers. His experience up front, and mine at the back, have helped the team and we are leading in the league," McLeish said.

"We are on our way to the semi-finals. We have lots of young talent so it is a wonderful blend. This team reminds me of the Arnett champion team in 2000 to 2002," McLeish who spent 13 seasons at Arnett and won two national titles added.

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