Green Island in transition - McIntosh

March 15, 2018

Western Bureau:

Michael McIntosh, the veteran coach of Green Island High School, believes that based on the legacy they have created in recent years, anything short of some spectacular performances will be seen as underperforming. He has, however, urged the school's fans to be patient as track and field at Green Island is in a rebuilding stage.

The Hanover-based school made their biggest mark in high school athletics in the 2013 ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Championships with some outstanding performances. The boys finished 12th with 27 points while the school's ended 13th with 24.




McIntosh said he expects a few good performances from his girls' team at next week's Champs and pointed to three who should do exceptionally well.

"We are in transition so the team (girls) is very young. However, athletes like Jaciann Woolery in the Class Three sprints and Class Four sprinters, twins Saneki and Saneka Grant, should do well," said McIntosh who received the patron award at this year's Milo Relays for his outstanding contribution to track and field.

McIntosh expected less from the boys. He told STAR Sports that he is hoping that with the few training sessions they have left they can go in healthy.

"I don't put any pressure on my kids. I tell them 'at the end of the day you're well prepared, go out there and execute," said McIntosh, who added he is looking to long jumper David Tomlinson to lead the charge.

"David (Tomlinson) has a best of 6.97 metres this year and has shown improvement in training and as usual on the track I expect the sprinters to acquit themselves very well and be in a few finals."

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