'We have our destiny in our own hands'

March 16, 2018
Cavalier coach, Rudolph Speid (right), walks with his players at half-time during a Premier League match.

Cavalier's technical director Rudolph Speid says his team is feeling no pressure in their quest to qualify for the play-offs of the 2017-18 Red Stripe Premier League competition.

Cavalier, who were promoted to the league last year, are currently sixth in the standings on 44 points with two games remaining in the preliminary round of the competition.

They are two points above seventh place UWI FC and five above tenth place Reno, who they will host at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex on Sunday. Cavalier will then oppose Arnett Gardens in their final preliminary round game.

UWI FC oppose Sandals South Coast and Tivoli Gardens in their final two games.

"We have our destiny in our own hands and so we are not depending on anybody to help us to qualify," said Speid.


Precarious position


"I think that if we were depending on teams to help us qualify, then we would be in a precarious position, but presently we just need to take care of business then we will qualify for the top six," he said.

"We know what the task is and we know what we have to do to get there and so our players are very focused," said Speid.

Cavalier produced excellent football in the first two rounds of the competition, but their form has dropped since the start of the third, which saw them recording just two wins in nine matches.

Speid added that the league had become very competitive as the season progressed.

"There are no easy games in the league now and so everybody has two tough games left. We have started to play a little better and we expect that to continue going into these last two games," said Speid.

"We will have everybody to chose from come Sunday including our four national senior team players and so we are not worried because we know what we can do and we are coming to play the best we can and if we get back to our best then that will be enough for us to stay in the top six," he said.

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