Lawrence: Sandals have to regroup

March 24, 2018
Aaron Lawrence

Western Bureau

Sandals South Coast FC who were relegated from the Red Stripe Premier League have been criticised by disappointed fans and Westmoreland for their sports club approach to their first season in the top flight league.

Coach Aaron Lawrence who admitted that lack of experience caused their downfall dismissed the critics. He said the team just did not get to the next level and just has to regroup and come again.

"I wouldn't blame the structure we started out with because a club is a club whether it's a sports club or not. If you look at a Real Madrid they have football, basketball, volleyball etc they are also a sports club.

"We realise where we have gone wrong we just have to look at it and come again. It doesn't matter if you're a sports club or not because in Jamaica we don't have any real professional clubs.


Sandals already have their eyes set on making a return to the country's top-flight football for the 2019/2020 season.

Coach Lawrence told STAR Sports there are changes in the pipeline.

"We have already started making the transition (to professional club structure). We just have to structure ourselves better because even if we are a sports club we can still represent and play in the league at this level," said Lawrence. He added: "We have to make changes (for the Super League). We will bring in some younger and fresher players that we can take to the next level."

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