Granville Jaguars are kings of the west - But champs' star player not happy

April 17, 2018
Granville Jaguars' top scorer Levar Rose receiving the 'trophy' from JABA President Paulton Gordon at the MoBay Cricket Club Court on Saturday.

Granville Jaguars defended their Western National Basketball League (NBL) title on Saturday after registering a 68-65 win over MoBay Cricket Club at the MoBay Cricket Club Court.

But player/coach Dave 'Puey' Black, despite leading his team to victory, expressed disappointment in the organisation of the league.

"For me, I think the elite league (Western) is better organised than the NBL, so we looking forward to that starting next month. The league (elite) is not stretched out, fixtures are in place and the officials are better organised," said Black.

Black, who was named the final's MVP, expressed his frustration after president of the Jamaica Basketball Association (JABA), Paulton Gordon, showed up for the final without the winners' trophy or a presentation cheque.

Gordon said that JABA's first vice-president Carlton Taylor is the one responsible for the NBL's coordination in the western conference. He said that all will be taken care of when the entire competition is over.

"The award ceremony will take care of everybody in an official way, it is not as if we were slighting them. In fact, I was just invited down there to see what's going on in the west as part of the proceedings," said Gordon.

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