Star baller Vinton Williams passes away


July 17, 2018

The football fraternity in western Jamaica, particularly St James, and the nation's football fraternity, generally, are mourning the tragic passing of Vinton Williams two weeks ago after battling some health problems for a while.

Williams, more popularly known as Grass Lice, was made famous for winning the daCosta Cup with both Cornwall College and Ruseas' in the 1980s.

After school, he stayed with Violet Kickers, where he was a member since age 15 and where he won two National Premier League championships and other local titles.

He also went on loan for one season to Melbourne Club FC in 2001 and took them to Super League.

Gregory Daley, president of the St James Football Association, who said that he was a good friend of Williams, said that he would be greatly missed.

"It is a great loss for the football community and also Violet Kickers on a whole. He was the main backbone for Violet Kickers. He was coming from a player situation from schoolboy coming up to the Premier League, so he was a great asset as he was now administrating for them," said Daley.


William's sister, Cleo Ebanks, who explained how he passed, said that he is hugely missed by the community and the entire footballing fraternity.

"Everything happened so suddenly. His sugar level went up, along with his blood pressure. He went to the doctor at the hospital, and when he came out, they said that he had pneumonia from a cold. He could not breathe properly, and after in and out of the hospital the third time, he didn't come back out," said Ebanks.

The funeral is set for July 28 at the Emanuel Chapel in Mount Salem, Montego Bay, St James.

At age 10, the diminutive striker got a scholarship from Mt Salem All-Age to Cornwall College - where he won multiple championships at all levels.

He was part of the 1983 championship team that beat Ruseas in the final under the tutelage of coach Steve Bucknor.

His talents landed him on Jamaican youth teams and the national senior team.

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