'Moving to Mount Pleasant was an easy decision'

August 09, 2018
Ladale Richie (left).
Ronaldo Rodney

Western Bureau:

Former Montego Bay United pair, Ladale Richie and Ronaldo 'Ramos' Rodney, who recently transferred to the newly promoted Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) outfit Mount Pleasant Football Academy, said it did not take much convincing for them to make the St Ann-based team their new home.

National central defender Richie, 29, admitted he was linked with the move last year and remained with his club. However, with Mount Pleasant attaining RSPL promotion and Donovan Duckie now in charge, he had no real reason to turn them down this time around.

"Yeah, that's one of the factors because Duckie is a very good coach and I like working with him, so it was easy when I decided to move," said Richie who made his debut for the Reggae Boyz in 2016.

Richie said the call came from Mount Pleasant.

"No, I didn't reach out to anyone, the team actually reached out to me. When Mount Pleasant were in the confed they wanted me to come, but I told them that I am a national player I can't play confederation league. Some of the players who knew me before even called and said they are in the national league now, so I can't tell them anything (no) now," he added.

"A lot of teams made offers and after the league was completed rumours surfaced that MBU would not be in the RSPL next season, but I picked Mount Pleasant because I always wanted to stay as close as possible to home (Trelawny). Also, I want to see football on this side grow, so I am not looking to run away to Kingston or Clarendon."




Central Midfielder Rodney, 27, told STAR Sports that the administrative issues that surrounded MBU over the past two years were a contributing factor to their move to greener pastures.

"Yeah, definitely, because I've been there for like four seasons and it not like we are not doing good. Three finals straight, we won twice, in three club championships, so we did a lot for MBU and over the years it's like I don't see what we are doing it for because we always feel like we were being used. We loved the game and checked for each other so we kept on doing it," said Rodney, who is looking forward to the birth of his first child soon.

"But it's like we are getting older now and realise that if we carry on like this we won't have anything at the end. There comes a time when you have to make a decision ..." he added.

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