Arnett to spring changes

October 20, 2018
Arnett Gardens FC striker Fabian Reid
Arnett Gardens' player Dasha Satchwell

Jerome Waite, head coach of Arnett Gardens, said he plans to implement a number of changes to his team's starting line-up ahead of tomorrow's encounter against defending champions Portmore United in the Red Stripe Premier League competition.

Arnett was soundly beaten 3-0 by UWI FC in the last encounter, which was their second defeat in five matches this season. Waite told STAR Sports that this is a cause for concern and therefore he will be making several changes to his side on Sunday.

"Changes will be made going forward and it will definitely make a difference come Sunday," said Waite.

"These changes relate to the team selection because once the team loses a game, then you know that adjustments will be made," he said.

"The season just started and we have lost two out of three games and we have to ensure that we stop this up and down (movement in form) and try to get them more consistent right through," Waite said.

He pointed out that Portmore is a very rounded team and therefore he is expecting a tough encounter tomorrow.

"I am expecting a competitive encounter because both teams over the years always play high-quality football and pretty much high intensity, so we are looking forward to a good game," he said.

Portmore, who are seeking back-to-back titles, are coming off a 2-0 victory against Reno in their last game.

The match will be played at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex at 7 p.m.

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