We'll get them next year - Cornwall, Petersfield look to 2019

December 04, 2018
Michael Ellis, principal of Cornwall College.

Despite Cornwall College missing out on the daCosta Cup on Saturday and Petersfield High School on the Ben Francis Cup title last Tuesday, the respective principals are pleased with their season and are looking to build on their successes.

Michael Ellis, principal of Cornwall College, said while they are disappointed in not winning the historic treble, they are proud of their performance this season.

"Winning the treble would be anybody's dream and it was certainly my dream but, unfortunately, fate would not have it this time around. However, we will pick up the broken pieces, mend things and prepare ourselves for next year," said Ellis.

Clyde Evans, principal of Petersfield High School, said that despite feeling a bit disappointed in not winning the Ben Francis Cup, he is proud of what they have achieved and hopes to use it as a motivating factor going forward.

"Naturally we are a bit disappointed because you would have wanted to go all the way. However, we are still feeling a sense of achievement to have made it to the finals" said Evans.

He said that one thing that he has learned is that supporters love a success story.

"Each success that we have puts us in a greater position to get all the assistance and the persons coming out to support us," he said. "We are expecting to see that sort of kickback from football and the programme, as Petersfield is a fun-loving football community. So we are hoping that next year we can have a bit more assets at our disposal so we can do more for the programme."

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