Thelwell plans fast adjustment at MoBay United

December 07, 2018
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer Montego Bay United (MBU) coach Dillon Thelwell (top) gives his team a halftime talk during their game against UWI FC on Friday, January 5, 2018, at the UWI Mona Bowl. Thelwell was reappointed to the role in an interim capacity after previous coach Vassell Reynolds was fired last Friday.

Montego Bay United interim head coach, Dillon Thelwell, is confident he can turn things around for the club as soon as his philosophy sets in.

Thelwell was appointed to the role after Vassell Reynolds' dismissal last Friday and he outlined that he is not saying that his predecessor's coaching methods were flawed, but each coach has their own philosophy and now he is looking to establish his.

"We want to fix some style of play based on how we were playing in a few matches before I got in, because I watched a few on the games. I want to introduce my philosophy and style of play, fixing our system a bit, both offensively and defensively," Thelwell, who also noted that the players have responded well to him, said.

"It has been good so far, because I know most of the players from the previous stint that I was here. They even said 'welcome back coach'. The love showing, the training sessions are different now, more intense, and everyone's just working as one," he added.




Thelwell said despite being only being named as an interim coach, the club management has given him its full support and freedom to operate in the January transfer window.

"They gave me a free role to do what I want in terms of getting in players, introducing my system, and getting my training sessions up - pretty much like a coach on a four year contract," he said.

"Everything is in place for me at the moment, so it's up to me to get the team up and running. I just have to take it a game at a time. As you know, the squad is very thin right now, so we looking to use up the transfer window. We are looking to strengthen every aspect of the team." he said.


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