Defensive woes for MBU

January 08, 2019
Lionel Rookwood/Photographer Montego Bay United's Giovanni Reid (foreground) shrugs off a challenge from Dunbeholden's Orlando Ricketts during their Red Stripe Premier League encounter in December. Dunbeholden won 2-1.

Sandra Christie, operations manager at Red Stripe Premier League outfit Montego Bay United (MBU), noted that although the recently opened January transfer window saw the return of a number of attacking players, they have much to do on the defensive end.

Proof of this came on Sunday when they lost 2-1 to Humble Lion at the Effortville Community Centre despite a goal from Reggae Boy and United Soccer League returnee Owayne Gordon.

The loss saw MBU continue to occupy one of two relegation spots, 11th to be exact, with 16 points. MBU is four points adrift of Harbour View in 10th place.

Christie said while MBU is close to a few signings, they have to make the right decisions.

"The transfer window is still open. We have a few players that we are looking at and assessing to see if they fill the positions well in boosting our defensive areas," said Christie. "We are fairly close. The window opened last Wednesday so one has to be fair and allow the players to show their talent. You can't make any rash decisions especially if you want to be specific in addressing the need properly ... We don't want to find ourselves at a loss."

Christie said they are where they want to be on the attacking end and should be about complete with the return of Lesly St Fleur.

"Whichever void that we have which is primarily defensive at this point, that is where our focus will be. Attacking wise, you can probably say that we are satisfied with who we have," said Christie.

"Still have one or two due to come in like a Lesly St Fleur who is due back. He is a good utility buffer as well and to add some weight to the defensive flank," she added.

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