March 27, 2019
J'Voughnn Blake of Jamaica College

J’Voughnn Blake

Event: Class Two 800m

School: Jamaica College

DOB: Jan 12, 2003 (16 y-o)

PB: 1:52.00 (Kingston, March 16, 2019)

Won Heat 1 of boys Class Two 800m in 2:01.48 minutes.



Q: What was the intention heading out on the track today?

A: Qualification basically, that’s all for now.



Q: You have a new coach this year, Neil Harrison, what is it like working with him?

A: Surprisingly, it has been good, getting used to him. We’re used to him now. He’s a really good head coach and he’s been doing really well so far.



Q: How does he motivate you to go out on to the track?

A: (Deep sigh and reflective pause) For me, really, it’s within me. I have my own motivation from myself, but he’s really encouraged me a lot to do my best. He encourages us to do our best and we’re in it to win it.



Q: Is there any specific time you’re looking to set this year at Champs?

A: I see you’re trying to set me up (laughs), but I’m going for the 800m and 1500m records.



Q: What athletes do you idolise?

A: To tell the truth, I didn’t really like track until I started doing it, so I never really had any motivation from anybody. I aspire to be myself. I am the best in my head.



Q: So when did you start in track and field?

A: In second form



Q: Do you have any superstitions?

A: No, I don’t. I’m a scientific person.



Q: Do you listen to any specific music before competing?

A: Mostly pop and R&B. I don’t really listen to Jamaican music, so there isn’t really any specific song I could name, but I have my times where I just chill out and play music all day.



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