Trudi Carter loving life at Roma

May 17, 2019

National forward Trudi Carter says she is enjoying her time at Serie A Women's side AS Roma Women in Italy. Carter caught the attention of La Lupa (The She-Wolf, the club's nickname) with her key role played in helping the Reggae Girlz to the final round of the CONCACAF Women's Championship and eventually qualifying for next month's FIFA Women's World Cup. She then signed for Roma at the end of last summer.

She says she was initially nervous about making the trip but is now adjusting well.

"It's amazing," Carter told STAR Sports. "I love it over there. It's my first time playing professionally. So it's been going amazingly and I thank God for the opportunity.

"I wouldn't say I was afraid but I was nervous and excited. The experience is amazing. When you go away from home, leaving your family and your friends, you have no one over there, I just accepted the fact that this was my dream to play professionally, so I kept going and everything was perfect."

New language

Carter says her adaptation has gone well, especially with the help of national teammate Allyson Swaby, who also plays for the club.

"When she told me she was coming to Italy, I was really excited," she said. "I finally have a Jamaican here that actually speaks English, someone I can talk to over there."

The 25-year-old is also enjoying learning a new language and Italy's traditions, which include pasta.

"I've been learning (Italian) a little bit," she shared. "It's really hard, but I've been studying and it's getting better. The food is amazing. I love the pasta, especially the Amatriciana - it's pasta with bacon and cheese sauce."

Carter said she grew up idolising Brazilian star Ronaldinho but these days, she has been modelling her playing style more on Man City and Spain star David Silva's. She is known for her technique, close control, pace and trickery on the ball, which has led to many watchers of the Reggae Girlz's games comparing her to national football icon Walter 'Blacka' Boyd. However, Carter was unaware such comparisons were being made.

"Really? It's the first I'm hearing that," she said with a gasp and a smile. "That's amazing! Walter Boyd is like Jamaica's favourite player, so for me to be compared to Walter Boyd, that's a dream come true."

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