Grange seeks JFF, Marley Foundation resolution

July 12, 2019

Sport minister Olivia Grange said she will be using what she calls her "best efforts" to resolve the conflict between the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) and Cedella Marley, one of the Reggae Girlz's main benefactors.

Marley recently aired grouses with the JFF on social media, saying that its "shenanigans," as she describes it, will not bother her as she funds the Reggae Girlz's training camp ahead of the Pan American Games later this month. In response, JFF general secretary Dalton Wint told STAR Sports on Thursday that he is unclear what issues Marley has with the federation, but he and its other administrators are willing to reach out to her to resolve the issue.

Grange, in a press release yesterday, said she has spoken to both parties on the matter.


"As minister, I want the best environment for our Reggae Girlz and I'm aware of certain issues," she said. "I've spoken to both Cedella Marley and the President of the JFF [Michael Ricketts], and they both have certain concerns.

"I'm going to use my best efforts to address those [issues] and to see how we can resolve the differences, because I want to ensure that the Reggae Girlz can have the best environment within which to train so that they can represent Jamaica."

Marley's funding of Jamaica's senior women's football team is considered to be a key factor in its historic debut at the FIFA Women's World Cup in France last month.

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