St James FA boss implores parish readiness for international matches

March 03, 2023
Gregory Daley
Gregory Daley

President of the St James Football Association and Chairman of the Jamaica Football Federation's (JFF) Competitions Committee, Gregory Daley, is imploring the St James Municipal Corporation, caretakers of the Montego Bay Sports Complex in Catherine Hall, to have the facility in a condition to capitalise on opportunities for international matches.

Daley expressed disappointment that the surface at the Montego Bay Sports Complex needs a great amount of rehabilitation for the Reggae Boyz' friendly international match against Caribbean neighbours Trinidad and Tobago on March 11.

He spoke at an organisers' meeting between the JFF and the St James Municipal Corporation at the municipality building and wanted the Second City to be always ready to host international matches.

"We do understand the difficulties in getting a pitch ready for a game in two weeks, as opposed to a month down the line. What we want to implore, though, is that the maintenance continues," Daley said.

"We know how it feels when every international game is at the National Stadium in Kingston, and we have the capacity to host the game here. It is always said that the pitch is not up to scratch, and we understand what is required.

"We are here in St James, and I have to represent St James. We want international games here, and the only place we can look is Catherine Hall. We must keep the pitch up to the best possible standard so when the opportunity comes we can grab it.

"We appreciate the effort by the Municipal Corporation, so we are looking forward to it being in the best possible shape for the game to go ahead, and for future games," he continued.

Daley's call is within a week of Reggae Boyz' head coach Heimir Hallgrimsson stating that his biggest disappointment since being in Jamaica permanently is the poor playing surfaces across the island. Hallgrimsson took up residence on the island in January.

The Montego Bay Sports Complex will facilitate the first of the two-match duel between the Reggae Boyz and Trinidad and Tobago, with the second encounter slated for the National Stadium on March 14. - K.A.

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