My husband is married to someone else


October 06, 2015

My husband is married to someone else

Dear Pastor,

Greetings to you. I have a problem. Please try your best to give me your advice. In 1979, I got married to a foreigner. He promised that he would file for me. He came to Jamaica every year and he sent me money regularly. Every time I asked him when he would put in the papers for the filing he said soon. After some years I got suspicious and asked him if he was married and he said yes but his wife and himself broke up. Then his letters ceased and I couldn't get him on the phone. I got involved with another man and I have a child by him. I don't know where to find my husband but I want to divorce him. I don't know how to go about it. Everybody is telling me different things, so please for your advice.


Dear T.R.,

You need to seek the help of a lawyer. I hope you have your husband's last address. Evidently he did not tell you when both of you met that he was married. I am sure you would have been more careful and asked him to show you the divorce absolute. I am not here to judge this man but many men come to Jamaica and tell the women that they are single and they are not. They get married and have a good time while they are in Jamaica and when they return to their homes some do not communicate with the women they purportedly married. Some of these men commit bigamy. They are liars. They are wicked men and they should be punished according to law. I repeat, seek the help of a lawyer and do so early.


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