Is my mother a prostitute


October 06, 2015

Is my mother

a prostitute?

Dear Pastor,

I am writing about my mother. I am a 17-year-old. I am the only childshe has. My father was married but was a wild man. He got my mother pregnant and his wife did not know. I have my mother's name but my father supports me. When I was 10, I met my father's brothers and sisters. I love my father's family. They are decent people. My father is now dead. He left me some money which I cannot get until I am much older. He also left a house for me. My mother is dying for us to move into the house. One of my aunts is against it because my mother is living with a man who is 10 years younger than she is. He does not work. He calls himself a musician.

Some people call my mother a prostitute. She thinks I do not know but I know. I can see it. When she comes home, she sleeps all day. One of my aunts wants to take me but my mother does not agree. She does not like my aunt. I asked my mother why she goes out every night and she told me a string of bad words. When I am 18, I am going to leave my mother's house.


Dear R.D.,

There are things that you have said that I cannot print. However, I would like to encourage you to keep close to your relatives on your father's side. I believe they have your best interest at heart and they would give you the proper guidance.

Do not condemn or be disrespectful to your mother. Whatever she does, she is still your mother. You might not like what she is doing, but as you grow older, she may explain everything to you. I wish you well.


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