My life is filled with problems


April 27, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I took my man to Linstead hospital because he became ill and he was admitted. One of the young men who worked for us visited him at the hospital. While he was there, I went to use the bathroom and when I returned, the guy who was visiting him had left.

My man was discharged so I took him home. The young man came back on Sunday with items that he bought for me. I changed my man's clothes about four times during the night. I had given him soup to eat. The young man who worked for us came with his woman and brought the soup for him. He started to vomit so I asked the guy who worked for us to take him to the doctor's office in Linstead because I wanted to clean the house. When I didn't see him return, I called him and he informed me that they were at the hospital in Spanish Town. They admitted him. I was with him every day and night. The Friday, I cleaned him up and left. On the Saturday as I was getting dressed to go back to the hospital some people came to the house and said that he was dead and that they wanted the bank book and other documents. They took away everything. It was only the mercy of God that caused them not to kill me.


Where I am living now, I am with a man. A woman came by and asked us if we had any room to rent. We rented her two rooms. The biggest mistake we made was to rent this woman the rooms. I cannot live in peace with two girls who are living with her. I went to the police station to make a complaint. The police asked who rented them the house and told me I should go and get notice forms and give her notice to leave.

This woman has a man. He works with JPS. Since he came to live here, they have not paid the light bill. He claims that he is a 'big boy' at JPS. The light got cut off and they carried friends and put it back on. So what will happen when they move out? JPS will come and take out the meter for non-payment and the house would be left without light and the 'big boy' would be gone. My problems are long. I cannot write everything. I leave everything to God.


Dear A.S.,

I suggest that you take these people to court to get them out of your house. Perhaps you should also report them to JPS. If one is working with the company, it does not give them the right to break the law. I am sure the company will not tolerate that. Your man and yourself need to live in peace and enjoy your property. Tenants have rights but property owners have rights too. And when someone rents a home, it does not mean that they can do anything that they feel like. If you believe that you cannot handle this matter alone, you need to retain a lawyer to represent you. Deal with this matter right away according to the law, but please, do not get into any arguments with your tenants. I wish you well.


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