I gave him oral sex for $500


July 29, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 18 years old and I have a child. I am living with the father, who is 31.

He is telling people that he doesn't believe that the child is his. He stopped giving me money, so it is my father I have to rely on.

I never cheated on him before, but I was very hungry and broke, so it happened.

The money my father gave me ran out and I have a friend who always brings me home when I go into town. He saw me and he said to me, "How come your lip so white?", and I told him maybe it was because I was hungry.

He took me home. When he came to the house, he asked if he could come in for some water. I knew that he didn't really want the water. He came in and I gave him the water and he stood there looking at me. He pushed his hand in his pocket and he took out a $5,000 bill. I was so frightened.

He took my hand and put it on his crotch. He had an erection. He said, "Pull my zip down," and I did, but I was shaking because I had never done anything like that to a man.

He sat down on a chair. He kept his clothes on and he said I could keep my clothes on. I gave him oral sex until he ejaculated. It lasted for about four minutes.

When I was finished, I ran to the bathroom. He took out his kerchief, wiped up himself and left.

When he left I cried, because if my babyfather was giving me money that would not have happened. I am not a bad girl, pastor.

My father told me that I should come home. I don't want to go home because my stepmother and I don't get along.

Please, I need your advice. I tried to call the guy two times after he had oral sex with me, but I can't get to him.


Dear P.H.,

Take your father's advice and go home. Don't hide anything from your father. He knows that you don't get along with your stepmother.

He doesn't want to see any man take advantage of you, so go home and you would not be hungry.

Discuss with your father whether you should take your child's father to court for child support. He might not be in favour of that, but at least you should say it to him.

Concerning the man with whom you had sex, I am sure you feel guilty because you got involved with him. I do believe you when you say that you are not a bad girl. Sometimes good girls do bad things. I want you to be careful.

You have not been able to reach the young man with whom you've got involved. Perhaps he did not give you the correct cell number. Perhaps he does not want a permanent relationship with you. Don't try to reach him. I am sure you will see him again.

Concerning your child's father, you should challenge him. Tell him that you would be willing for him to do a DNA test to prove whether he is the child's father or not.


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