My babyfather thinks I gave him a jacket


September 02, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 18 years old and I have a baby boy. When I was pregnant his father was excited, and after he was born he was still excited.

I was living with my mother and the place was not convenient, so he rented the small side of a house and he moved me to this place.

It is convenient, but sometimes I get lonely, so my school friends come by and visit me.

My boyfriend didn't like that. He told me that too many people are in and out of the place. One of my girlfriends called my babyfather and told him that the child is a 'jacket' and she knows the real father.

At one time, I noticed my boyfriend was examining the ears of my son. I asked him what was the problem and he said he was only examining him to see if I was taking good care of him. I didn't know that it was this girl who told him that the child doesn't resemble him.

One day, he asked me if I knew a certain man and I told him yes. He wanted to know if we ever had sex and I told him no. He asked if the child resembles him and I said yes.

It caused a big fuss between us. I called the girl and asked her why she did that; she said that it was my boyfriend who asked him if the child resembles him. I am worried about it.


Dear M.J.,

Don't worry about what this girl told your child's father. You know that you have not given him a 'jacket'.

Evidently, she is very jealous of you. She sees that you and this man are very loving and you are comfortable. She probably would love to have him as her boyfriend, so she has made up this story to cause a rift between you and your boyfriend.

She is a wicked girl and I hope your boyfriend is wise enough to reject what she has said.

You saw him examining the child's ears. Any man would be concerned if he is told that the child he thought he fathered is being called a jacket. However, you should challenge your child's father and encourage him to do a DNA test to settle this matter.

You know that he is the biological father, so you have nothing to fear. Encourage him to satisfy himself that he is the biological father by doing the test.

As for the girl who told him that his child is a jacket, ban her permanently from your house. In fact, you should be careful. These girls might be after your man.

Please write to me soon and let me know how it all worked out. I hope you will consider going back to school so that you will be able to get a job and not depend on this man your entire life.


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