My son curses my young lover


September 06, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 50 years old. You are my company at nights. My children's father left me and has gone to another woman.

I tried two other men, but all they were good for was to rock my body and leave me alone. So I said to myself, "No more". I couldn't keep up being alone, so right now, I visit a man now and then.

He has a woman, so I know what we have going is not permanent. He told me that he and his girlfriend go way back.

He is only 35 years old. He is respectful and mannerly. I did not think I would love a man younger than I, but he likes older women.

My youngest son doesn't like him, but I believe it is because of what one of the men who was in my life told him.

The reason why I don't encourage my boyfriend to come and visit me is because I know how my son feels.

He told the man some curse words, so he told me he wouldn't come back to visit me but I could visit him.

My son can be very out of order. But out of my three, children, he is the only one who sees to it that I have enough to eat and drink.

Can you imagine, my son told me to put a padlock on my private parts? I don't want to get married.

Apart from this young man, the other guys did not treat me well. I got pregnant when I was very young and if I didn't do what the man said, he used to physically abuse me. If I can't have this young man, I have made up my mind never to get married again.

T. L.

Dear T.L.,

This young man made it clear to you that he has a woman, so to love him, you would be doing so at your own risk. He could have lied to you, but he didn't. He has come clean, so to speak.

Your son, on the other hand, does not like this young man because he considers him too young for you.

Evidently, your son has a filthy mouth. He could have expressed his feelings to you, his mother, in a gentler and respectful way.

He is very blunt and crude in expressing himself. Some people would say that he was quite right in speaking to you in that way.

I say he is disrespectful. You are his mother. He ought not to tell you that you should put a padlock on your ... you know what. He is out of order.

On the other hand, he is a very caring young man. He sees to it that you have enough to eat and that you are comfortable.

I am afraid that if this guy and you continue to be intimate, his girlfriend may find out and there may be a big blow up between the young man, his girlfriend, and you.

You say you don't need any other man if you can't get this young man. I want to say to you that this young man will not fight for you because he has his woman.

You come in as his spare tire when his girlfriend isn't able to function.

Be careful what you do because one day you may go to visit him and his woman is there and a confrontation may occur and you may have to defend yourself and all three of you may end up in court.

And believe me, the guy is not going to defend you. So please use your head. End the relationship with this young man. Do something to occupy yourself and save yourself from the embarrassment from your son.


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