Deportee deserves what he got

September 28, 2016

Dear Pastor,

One of the deportees from England had half of his underwear exposed. It was a very disgusting sight.

He said he was held with two pounds of ganja, and ganja is a plant, a natural substance. He wants to make his own laws. He deserves deportation.

My deceased mother was a British citizen. She lived for 54 years in England. I have been listening to your show for many years. I wish you well.


Dear D.,

I want to thank you for being a faithful listener to the Dear Pastor show. I am sure that most Jamaicans were sorry to see their countrymen deported from Britain.

Many have been away for many years and they will find it very difficult to adjust. But this is yard and fellow Jamaicans will not allow them to go hungry.

Laws of a country must be obeyed, and when one breaks the law, one should be prepared to face the consequences. The man whose underwear was showing must have thought that was a big style but it wasn't, it was despicable, and I hope that while he is in Jamaica his relatives and friends would tell him that it was not an appropriate way to dress.


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