Need to know if her son is mine


November 03, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am living in California. I am writing you to help me find a young lady.

She was living in Spanish Town in a place called 'Big Tree'. She got pregnant while she was working in Montego Bay as a dancer at a club in the '90s.

I only saw the child once before I left Jamaica. I saw one of her friends and I asked for her, and she told me that she got pregnant and went back to Spanish Town.

Spanish Town is a big place and it took me two weeks to find her. When I found her, she had her baby, and the child looks like me.

An elderly woman told me that it was my child because he resembles me. But the mother hooked up with another man and had a little girl, too.

I gave the mother some money to go to the blood bank and to meet me there the following morning. I also gave the children money.

I was at the place from 7 a.m. until 7 in the evening and I did not see them. I went to Spanish Town in the area where she lived and I asked her why she had me waiting all day at the place we agreed to meet and she didn't show up. She gave me an excuse.

I think she said that she put down some money or she lost it, or whatever, so I gave her more money for her to meet me again with the child.

Afterwards, she told me that she is living with a man and she christened the child in the man's name, and the man wouldn't allow her to go anywhere, and so on. She never showed up.

I went to Spanish Town and told her that I was leaving and going to another country. So, Pastor, please help me to find her.


Dear L.,

You have given me the name of this woman, but I have withheld same. I have done so because I have great doubts in my mind as to whether you are indeed the father of this child.

I see you as a sincere man, but as a frustrated brother. I see you as a man who wants to know the truth, but who got involved with a girl who is without doubt a trickster.

I doubt very much that you are the father of this child, and you have not given me any reason for me to believe that the mother of this child wanted to prove to you that you are the biological father.

She tricked you, and in your desperation, you kept giving her money. And even now, I am assuming that you would be willing to spend big money to find out if indeed you are the biological father.

I have not deleted the area you said that this woman lived. I would ask my readers who live in the Spanish Town area, who might know of a dancer who became pregnant and had a boy as her first child and a girl as her second child, to kindly contact me.

If this young woman sees this letter, she may do so herself. I have also deleted the name of the club to avoid any embarrassment to her.

But I would love to set your mind at ease. I know how to contact you, that information I would not divulge at all. I repeat, I believe that you are an honest man and that you are sincere, and I appreciate very much your desire to know whether or not you have a son.

Keep strong, my brother, trust the good Lord. Whether now or later, the truth will be told.


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