Perverted uncle watching me pee

November 08, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 years old and I have always wanted to write to you. I am having a worrying situation in my life and I am not happy. I am currently living at a family home with my aunt, her two children and her common-law husband.

Pastor, this man is a pervert and he will never change. I would be in the bathroom and he would try to peep on me. His children would see and tell me.

One evening I went outside to urinate and, Pastor, would you believe that this man tried to peep underneath me? I had to jump up fast; and then he had the audacity to come to tell me that he loved what he saw.

From that day I haven't spoken to him. I avoid him. He watches everything I do and he finds faults with everything. I ignore him, but one particular morning he said something to me, and I told him not to talk to me again.

He made a big fuss and started to curse me. My father got involved and told him to leave me alone. They then had a quarrel.

I have other relatives overseas, so I called and told my aunt everything. She then called my aunt in Jamaica and told her to tell her man to leave me alone, etc. My aunt, whom I live with, was upset and so she stopped cooking for me and she does not speak to me. I have tried to talk to her, but she ignores me because she is upset about me informing my aunt overseas of what happened between her man and me.

Pastor, I am tired of this man, so I had to speak out. My aunt says a man will always look on a woman. Whenever I speak to her about her man, she is upset.




This house is a family house and her man wants to rule everyone and everything, and because I spoke out she is upset with me. I really want to leave this house, but I do not have anywhere else to go.

At the moment, I am on a one-year contract where I just start working at a school.

I am trying my best to save as much as I can so that I can move out. My mother is working in Kingston as a live-in helper. Whenever she gets her days off, she stays at her sister's house. I am overwhelmed with pain and sorrow. I am putting the best outside. I need a response from you.


Dear S.,

You are old enough to defend yourself. You will not allow this man to have his way with you. He is a grossly immoral man and your aunt has no shame at all. She has defended him in every way.

It is not every man who behaves like this man. How could you respect such a beast? And how can your aunt support such a behavior? She can only do so if she believes that he has the right to sleep with every female member of the family.

He is a worthless good-for-nothing man. Continue to stand up for your rights.

It seems to me that you do not have much privacy at the home. But please do not leave the house unless you have somewhere better to live. Other members of your family will stand up for you.

Keep out of this man's way. You are a good girl. If your aunt is not prepared to assist you by cooking for you, you can fend for yourself. No big thing. Put God first and God will lead and direct you.


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