I have to marry this woman


November 25, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 25 years old and I have two children with two different women. These women still love me. I give them what I can every month. One of them is working and the other one does not. The one who is not working is always in need of something.

I have another girlfriend. She has a good government job and is a Christian. She is trying to get me in her church. My problem is that she is 10 years older than I and she looks older, but I love her.

The mothers of my children look younger than I, but I am not going to marry any of them. My girlfriend does not have children and she is not interested in having children.

She told me that she has nieces and that is good enough.

Two of her nieces are going to university. She asked me if I can trust myself and not get involved with any of them. I know that she told them that when I am around they should make themselves scarce, because they are always in their room.

I love this woman. I did not know that I was the first man for her until I forced her to have sex with me. She was a 41-year-old virgin and she was very tight.

So you see why I have to marry this woman? I did not know a woman can be a virgin for so long in these days. I caused her to break her Christian vows.

I feel that I am special. Every day now, since we have sex, she is asking me when I am going to become a Christian and come in the church.

I wanted to have a child with my wife after I get married, but she is afraid to get pregnant now. Tell me what to do.


Dear L.T.,

Please do not delay. Please marry this woman and set her conscience free. She has kept herself well and you have moved in on her with your sweet talk (I am sure) and captured her.

Whatever you did, she found it difficult to resist you. So she is not a virgin anymore.

I could understand why this woman is encouraging you to come into the church. She is uncomfortable going to bed with you and her conscience bothers her.

I am sure she is concerned about what people might say about her. You might be attending church and some people might have started to whisper that this lady and you are going together, so she wants to make this union legal.

Don't have her hanging on a limb. Marry her. By the way, she is concerned about her nieces and the type of relationship you will have with them. Be a good man.

Let them respect you as a father. Do not become intimate with them at all. You were able to convince this woman to go to bed with you.

You should be able to convince her to have a child by you. She need not be afraid of her age. She should discuss that with her doctor.

Nevertheless, you should not force her to have a child; you have already fathered two, take care of your children.

I wish you well. Treat this woman with respect.


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