Will he break my heart?


November 25, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have always read your page in the papers. Today I am seeking advice on my relationship. I am in love with this man who is the father of two children and another on the way.

He is 28 years old and I'm 21. I like him because he always makes me happy and I feel comfortable around him; he gives me great advice.

He spends time with me, but I really think he is still with his babymother of almost three kids. He and his children's mother broke up in February and we started talking in April.

He is jealous over little things that I do. Anywhere I am going, he doesn't feel I will be safe. He will be right by my side, no matter what. He has never given me the impression that he has someone else, but I just have doubts.

I love him and I honestly don't know why. I allowed him to meet my mom, but she doesn't know about the kids he has.

I have had the best sex from him, which makes me want more, but we don't have sex very often. It doesn't matter what he is going through, he always gives me a smile and tells me what's going on, and I listen and help him make decisions.


He has never let me down. But I am just hoping I'm in the right relationship, because being around him feels good, but I am just not sure if I am doing the right thing.

The problem is I am afraid that I may get a broken heart, which I have experienced before. I have gone through this so many times. I am tired and frustrated of this feeling.

I want to make sure that I am not being fooled.

Help me, Pastor.


Dear B.A.,

You are aware that this man has two children with another and that woman is presently pregnant. You claimed that they broke up in February and both of you started your relationship in April.

How can a man who has two children with a woman and one on the way, break up with the mother of his children? I could never consider this man a good man.

If the woman is indeed pregnant, she would need much support from the man who got her pregnant. He should not be playing around with you or any other woman.

And you should not have encouraged him to be with you either.

People say what goes around comes back around, so watch out. God is not sleeping and this woman's eye water may catch up on you, so to speak.

And you know very well that this man is not telling you everything. You should tell him to leave you alone and go make it right with his children's mother.


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