My husband is a bulldog


December 07, 2016
@Normal:A roleplay of the sort of abuse suffered by Michael*: We would have an issue and then she would slap me and then walk away.

Dear Pastor,

I married a man thinking he was a good man. After one year of marriage, I discovered that he was a bulldog.

None of my female relatives could come to the house and be in peace. I have two younger sisters and he tried to have sex with both of them.

He almost got through with one while she was asleep. She jumped up after feeling somebody putting his hands in her underwear and touching her vagina.

He tried to have sex with one of my nieces. When my niece said it to me, she told me that she would not come back to my place because from the day she came here, he was whispering love talk to her.

And she told him that if he does not stop harassing her, she will tell me. He said that I will never believe so she should go ahead.

We do not have children together. He wants me to have children with him, but I will never do so. He is 41 years old and I am 38. I have one son.

I am glad my child is not a daughter because I would surely kill him if I had a daughter and he interfered with her.

Thank you for your solid words of advice in THE STAR.


Dear R.G.,

You should try and get professional help for this man. Evidently, he is a sex addict. You described him as a bulldog, but this is not a laughing matter.

If he continues to try to force women to have sex with him or if he attempts to rape women, he could end up in prison.

He has to learn to control himself. He told your niece that even if she reported him to you, you would not believe.

So he believes that you are going to uphold him in his wrongdoings. Set this man straight.

Make an appointment for him to see a therapist.

If he insists that nothing is wrong with him, tell him that you are not prepared to shield him, and if you have reasons that indeed he is playing around with females who visits your house, you will never defend him.


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