Concerned about my big penis


January 28, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 18 years old, and I am heading to university. When I was growing up, my friends always told me that I am gifted, and that they wished that they were as gifted as I am.

My girlfriend says that I must wear very tight underwear because her female friends always ask her why I am so buff down there, and she is embarrassed. I asked her if she is embarrassed over me, and she said that she loves me, but I look very big down there in my pants. I do not know what to do.

My father told me that I should not wear tight briefs. It is not good. He said it would affect me, especially if I am married and want to get my wife pregnant.

Pastor, I am not sexually active. I have never had sex, but when my girlfriend tells her friends that we do not have sex, they do not believe her. They think that she is lying. I do not know what to do. Do you have any suggestions that you can give me?


Dear L.G.,

These girls are only teasing your girlfriend. What they are trying to tell your girlfriend is that she is so lucky to have you because with your size you would not struggle to satisfy her. They are engaging in girl talk.

You need not be embarrassed of the size of your genitals. The Creator has not given every man the same size. Some men are indeed very large, and some are so small that they are always trying to seek ways of enlarging their size. These days, doctors are making big money from men who want to be larger.

Now, concerning the suggestion from your girlfriend that you should wear tight briefs, I would not encourage you to do so. Some time ago, The United Kingdom's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence conducted a lifestyle study that found that wearing constrictive underwear is a greater inhibitor to sperm motility than other lifestyle choices, such as consuming alcohol or smoking tobacco.

Research suggests that groin constriction can lower sperm levels. Tight underwear tends to increase temperatures around the scrotum, and this can inhibit sperm production. Sperm viability is influenced by several factors, including body heat stability.

Therefore, your father has given you proper advice. Do not wear very tight briefs. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You are who you are. I am sure that your girlfriend will not leave you because of what her friends say about you.


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