Going crazy for a Jamaican woman


February 02, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am from the United states of America. I'm a daily reader of your column. When I get THE STAR, I find that you address a lot of interesting subjects.

I'm incarcerated in America. That means that I'm locked up in bondage, but I know that God will prevail.

I'm having a problem. I'm not attracted to American women, even though I am from America. I've had a few American women, but they were not my type.

One day, I met a Jamaican woman in Jacksonville, Florida, and I thought that she was the love of my life. Pastor, this lady was my everything. I wanted to marry this lady.

She came to the United States and was living with some of her friends, but I think that she came here illegally. I don't think that she was a green card holder, so she had to go back to Jamaica.

One day, I came home from work and went to pick her up from her friends' house. They told me that she had left. My heart dropped.

Pastor, I've done everything to try and find this woman. I know that she really loved me. I am crazy for Jamaican women. With all due respect, could you please help me with this situation? Thank you and God bless you.


Dear G.S.,

Unfortunately, I cannot help you to find this woman because you have not given her name or state or anything about her apart from saying that she was the love of your life and you are assuming that she didn't have a green card, so she left America.

I am puzzled to understand why a woman who loves you would leave America suddenly without informing you and you were supposed to be her man. That is strange indeed.

Please understand that I believe that you find it difficult to get over the sudden shock that you experienced when you went to visit her. Her friends should have known where she went. Perhaps they did not want to tell you the real truth about her whereabouts.

Dear brother, you are in prison. Why do you want to find her? And while both of you were intimate, why didn't you propose to her and marry her? I ask the question because you say that you were in love with her.

Perhaps she saw you as a joker. I don't mean to insult you, not at all, but your story is strange. I would be more than happy to publish more about this woman if you would provide me with her name and any relevant information about her.

You say that you love Jamaican women, and there is nothing strange about that. Some people would say that they are the very best in the world.


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