Don't want to leave my boyfriend


February 21, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I have been reading your column from I was in high school. And now that I am out of school, I have more time to read it.

I am not attending college or thinking about going to university because I am waiting on a call. My parents are abroad.

I have a boyfriend. I promised my mother that I would be good, but I have fallen down on my promise because the very week she left, my boyfriend took me out to a party and I slept with him and lost my virginity.

I woke up in my boyfriend's bed. He is 30 years old. He has always promised to protect me but instead, he took my virginity.

Sometimes I feel that I was raped, but I know that I wasn't because I remember making love with him for a long time. It felt so good, and I was the one who took off my underwear.

My boyfriend has been extra nice to me. I would never let him down. He told me that he does not have any other girl.

That is what has surprised me, because he is very handsome. Last week, he took me to his apartment.

I searched the apartment to see if there were any female clothing there. I did not see anything there that would indicate that a woman is sleeping or lives there.

I love this guy so much and I want our relationship to last. I don't know what is going to happen when I join my parents in America.

I know that because of his age, my parents may not want me to marry him, and I cannot marry him before I leave Jamaica. That would be crazy.

My parents sends me money, but right now I have $75,000 in my account that this man has given to me to use however I want. My grandparents are cool with it.

They don't stop me from going out. I am so lucky that I did not get pregnant the day I lost my virginity, because my boyfriend did not use a condom.

But if I had got pregnant, I would have had to get rid of it. You can say that I was lucky.

My boyfriend has condoms now that he keeps just to make sure that he doesn't get me pregnant whenever we have sex. Please for your fatherly advice.


Dear Y.L.,

Your boyfriend evidently was playing for time and just waiting on the opportunity to take you out, perhaps to a place that your parents would not have agreed to, and you were so excited.

Of course, this guy took advantage of you. He is 30 years old and he knew that you were young and naOve, and would be excited to go out with a man that would have convinced you that he is in love with you.

Whatever you may think about him, I will declare to you right now that he is a deceiver. And if you continue to have an intimate relationship with him, you are going to get hurt.

You did not say that you were intoxicated, but I suspect that you were. Whether it was so or not, this man had you helpless and you were totally under his control.

I repeat, break up this relationship because if you don't, you are bound to get hurt.


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