Wondering if I should do a prenup


July 15, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 30 years old and my boyfriend and soon-to-be husband is 40 years old. He is divorced and he has two daughters. He has a house with his former wife.

He told me that he wants to leave whatever he has with his former wife and his children. I am not against that.

I have an apartment and I am the only child of my parents, and I know what they have belongs to me. They have always said that.

I am hoping that after I get married, my husband and I will have a couple of children.

My parents raised the matter with me about my apartment and their house. My parents are in their 60s. They would love to have grandchildren.

They think that I should do a prenuptial agreement before marrying him, to protect my property and other assets.

When my parents said it to me the first time, I thought that it was cruel, but as I think of it more, I am beginning to think that I should seriously consider what they said.

I am a Christian and I wonder if making such a contract is against the Bible. Please let me hear from you soon.


Dear R.W.,

I believe your parents are very wise and I suggest that you discuss this matter with an attorney. He/she would be the most appropriate person to talk to about that.

Don't be afraid to marry this man if you love him. But please protect yourself and your assets.

I wish you a bright and happy future.


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