My stepson is out of order


December 13, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I need your advice. I am 65 years old and I am living with a woman who is 50. My wife and I have separated.

This woman and I get along most of the time, but when she was coming to live with me, she told me that her son must come to live with us too.

I told her that I agreed because I couldn't like the cow and not like the calf. Now that the boy has turned a big man (he is 19), he wants to come in and out without saying anything to me.

He even brings his woman into the house to sleep. When he did it the first time, I told his mother that I wouldn't put up with that.

She said I must remember that she and I are together and we are not married. I told her she shouldn't look at it like that because we are big people and it is because the boy doesn't have respect for us why he can bring his woman into my house and sleep with her.


He did it again and I spoke to him about it. He said that I couldn't tell him what to do. I told him that he would have to leave, and instead of his mother standing up and supporting me, she took his side.

This woman and I have been living together for 10 years. She said she would leave but I have to give her something. I would have to put something in her hands.

I have nothing to give her because I told her already that this house was bought by my wife and myself and we are still married, and the house will have to go to our children.

If her boy would just behave himself and not bring any woman into this house to sleep, I wouldn't have any problem with him staying here.

His mother is supporting him and putting up with this slackness. So I write to you and I hope to show her what you say.


Dear F.L.,

This woman should cooperate with you. You have not said anything wrong. She should support you and tell her son that what he is doing is not right.

I don't think your woman should demand anything from you if she has to leave you.

But I am not a lawyer. Therefore, I would suggest that you consult a lawyer for legal advice. I wish you well.


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