My mother gave me to my dad


January 05, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I hope that you are in good health. I am 19 years old. I am the only child for my father, but my mother has six of us. She is 15 years older than my father. My aunt told me that my mother always wanted men who were younger than her. Only the fathers of two of my siblings are older than my mother.

My father took me from my mother when I was three years old. So I grew up with my grandmother and father. I love them because they treated me well. My father is in the construction business. That is how he got involved with my mother. She wanted help in getting more space for herself and her children, and the different men she had were not helping her. So my father came into the picture, and he built rooms for her. When the rooms became live able, he started to sleep at the house, and he got her pregnant. My mother wanted him to marry her, but he told her that she had too many children. So she told him to take his 'pecan' and leave her alone. He did just that.

My sisters and brothers don't like me very much because of the way I grew up. They say I am better off.

My father and grandmother sent me to good schools, and I am preparing to enter university. My grandmother always tells me to love my mother, but sometimes when I call her she is very cold towards me. The only time she is happy is when I go by to see her and take gifts for her. On Mother's Day, my father gave me some money to buy my mother gifts. She was happy.

My three sisters have boyfriends. Even the one who is younger than I am has a boyfriend. She has been having sex, and my mother knows about it. Based on how they behave, I don't want anybody to know that I am related to them.

My father is not planning to take out student loan for me. He is going to pay for my education. People say I am spoilt, but I say I am loved and very special.


Dear C.N,

You are very fortunate to have a very good father. I hope you continue to make him proud. Don't condemn your mother. Perhaps she made wrong choices and is suffering the consequences. Because you are in a better position than your siblings, they call you proud. They may not like you very much. But you should continue to show them love. And if you were to get a good education and a good job, they will brag and tell everybody that their sister is such and such.

Just remain humble, and the Lord will bless you. I doubt very much that your father regrets assisting your mother. After all, she is the mother of his daughter, and by assisting her he was technically assisting you.


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