I made my two side chicks terminate their pregnancies


January 16, 2019
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Dear Pastor,

I don't have a problem with abortion, because I had two girlfriends and I got them pregnant. However, one of them had her man abroad, so I couldn't allow her to carry the pregnancy. If she had the baby, it would have destroyed the relationship she was having with her man.

I couldn't make the second girl bring her baby, either, because that would have destroyed the relationship with the girl I was living with. I am so glad my mother didn't abort me.


Dear B,

You ought to try and be a responsible man. You should not continue to have unprotected sex. You should think about the women and not encourage them to cheat. As I see it, you didn't love these women. You were only trying to satisfy your sexual appetite. You would not want the woman you are living with to cheat on you.

You know what you are doing is wrong, so please, cut out the foolishness. You encourage these women to terminate their pregnancies. You didn't care how they felt. Yet, looking back on your own situation, you are glad that your mother did not abort you. Remember when people are promiscuous, they expose themselves to STIs and may even contract HIV. So, I must tell you to stop being irresponsible.


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