Mentally ill brother is having sex with my married sister

March 12, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I have a mentally ill brother. We are not biological brothers though, but people are blaming me for his mental illness. His mother allowed him to get involved in things that are not legal, just because she is hungry for money. He is always masturbating at nights. He goes out at nights, and he and my sister have sex, although she is married. She has three children; the oldest one is almost 30 years old. One of them was born last year. They want to get me out of the way.


Dear Anonymous,

From the very tone of your letter, I can see that you and your sister do not get along. And I get the impression that you might be saying things to try and embarrass your sister. You say tha t she is married, but at the same time, you are accusing her of having sex with a man you call your brother and who has a mental problem.

How do you know that your brother goes out and have sex with your married sister? How can you prove that? Is this man living at the same house with you? You say he masturbates every night, where does he masturbate? Is it in his room? If he is doing so in his room, do you peep at him to see when he is masturbating? And, if he masturbates in the bathroom, does he do so with the door wide open? You see, madam, I am asking you these questions because what you are saying does not make much sense to me.


If he is having sex with your sister as often as you say, he shouldn't have the desire to masturbate so much. I hate to say it, but I don't really believe you. I have observed that you have written to me many times, and you are always mentioning the name of a particular man. I refuse to make that man's name public because, in my heart, I feel that you are trying to create problems for that man. And I must warn you, it is wrong to try to scandalise the names of individuals. Too much of that is going on in Jamaica, and so I urge you to stop trying to create problems.

Perhaps you have too much time on your hands. If you are not working, try to get a job and keep yourself occupied. And whatever may be the problem between you and your sister, talk over the matter with her; and if possible, both of you should go to see a family counsellor. My prayers are with you.


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