Overweight ex-girlfriend determined to get me back

November 26, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I have been friendly with this girl since I was 20 years old. We started a relationship when she was 18 years of age. She is very plump and I always encouraged her to drop a little weight.

She didn't take me on at all. She told me she liked her weight and that she liked how she looked so I should leave her alone. I couldn't leave her alone because I loved her.

She went to Canada for a vacation and when she returned, she was about 10 pounds heavier. Her thighs were very big. I started to ignore her and she could not deal with that.

One day she told me that she met a guy and he didn't mind her weight and he loved her legs. I told her to go ahead because I had been fighting off a girl who loved me like crazy and she was the ideal girl for me.

When I told her about this girl that I met, she got very upset. She threatened to tear this girl apart. I did not know that this girl would get so jealous. I really want the relationship with this new girl to work but my old girlfriend keeps texting me and telling me that anything I want she will do it, but she is not leaving me.

She even started to send nude pictures on my phone, something she never did before. My present girlfriend went into my phone and saw some of them and was very angry with me and accused me of cheating. She wondered how this girl could send those pictures. Don't you think she is crazy?

She said that she did not have a boyfriend so I must know what I am doing because she is not leaving me. I don't know what to do because she is acting as if she is crazy.


Dear F.S.,

This girl is determined to get you back but she is not the type you should associate with. You did not know that before, but now that she is sending you nude pictures, you are learning more about her character. She is probably exposing herself for several reasons by sending you nude pictures. She might be saying, 'Boy, look what you are missing. I am hot and juicy'.

Another reason why she is sending you nudes is because she might be aware that your girlfriend will see them and question you about them and accuse you of cheating. You shouldn't keep those pictures at all. You should delete them. Otherwise your girlfriend will have great difficulty not believing that there is still a relationship between you and this woman.

Be very careful. Do not respond to this girl in any way because she will use what you say against you. Do not respond to anything she writes. Do not even wish her happy birthday or anything on special days. In fact, you should block her number from your phone.


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