Can’t find my baby brother

July 19, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I need help to find my brother. On March 28, 1994, my mother gave birth to her only son at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital. Five days later, she give him to a lovely woman who said her name was Angela who she met while selling juice in downtown Kingston. Angela would travel from Ocho Rios to purchase goods for her business that she operated in her parish. They built a relationship during that time. My mom used to explain her struggles to Angela, who expressed her desire to adopt the then unborn child. The child was then turned over to her with the promise that she would keep in touch and my mother would receive photos. The communication lasted just for a few months. Two photos were sent. My mother called once and heard a baby crying in the background. She asked if it was her baby and she said no. My mother called sometime after and the number was either disconnected or changed and that is where contact was lost. My mom migrated and her things, including personal items, were discarded by a family member. We have searched everywhere. We went back to the hospital, to the Registrar General's Department and even to the bus park where my mom used to sell her goods downtown. We even tried to locate one of the sellers who knew the woman. We were told that the seller died a few months before we tried to make contact. We have written several letters to people who helped to locate loved ones and joined online searches, but to no avail. My mother's name and the child's date of birth and a general idea of the area where Angela is from is all we have. We do not need anything from my brother or his family on that side, and I can understand if he doesn't want to know us. We just want to know if he is alive just to give my mother some closure. Giving him away haunts her daily because one of the biggest mistakes was that she didn't use the right channels of adoption, and she technically just gave him away with a promise that she would be kept abreast with everything about him.


Dear L.T.,

I deeply sympathise with your mother. I do not believe that she would have given away her child without having the assurance from the woman to keep her promise to communicate often. Your mother did not believe that she was in a position to support your baby brother, so I would ask readers who might be quick to condemn her not to do so because her circumstances at that time were probably grave. Unfortunately, she does not know whether the name that the woman gave her was real. You said she did business in St Ann, particularly Ocho Rios. But that does not necessarily means she is from that town. Unfortunately, your mother began to search for her son too late. I hate to think that whatever this woman did was not above board. Why did she stop communicating with your mother? Was he sent to school? You did not mention his name. Your brother may have grown up with this woman believing that she is his biological mother. We published your letter for two reasons. One, we hope that by some miracle your brother might be found, and two, as a warning to others not to give their children away to anyone without proper documentation. If mothers feel that they are not able to keep their children, they should contact the Adoption Board that can give them proper guidance and see that those who are willing to adopt are qualified. I wish I could assist you more. I will remember your mother and your family in prayer and if any one contacts me about your brother, I will get in touch with you immediately. May God bless you.


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