Sophia Bron blast scial media video


October 16, 2015
Contributed Sophia Brown

A shocking YouTube video, which is being shared on social media, has caught the attention of reggae singer Sophia Brown.

The video, titled 'Jamaican Kids Dancing Xrated Like Adults', showed at least eight children between 2-9 years old - paired off and gyrating on each other like adults. Some viewers have expressed concern about the 'incident'.

"I am not sure whether the video was shot in Jamaica or not but I am concerned nevertheless and would love to know where are the parents and who is that sick person that taped it and put it out on social media? How could they allow such unbecoming behaviour from young kids?" Brown asked.

Brown, who has been involved in the music industry for over 15 years is aware of the pressure put on women in ads, television, film and new media to push the envelope sexually.

"This video has taken things to an all time low but it did not started there. For a long time I have been perturbed by the images and lyrics coming from many of the popular dancehall stars who dominate the headlines and entertainment programs on local television in Jamaica. The trend seem to be for woman in the entertainment business to dance provocative and get partially naked to get attention. This may be fuelling images and behaviour like what is being displayed in the video" she warned.

The Gimme That Good Love singer who recently established the Angel of the Hearts Foundation (AHF) ( said there's more teenage pregnancy and rape victims today in our society compared to just a few years ago.

"We have more teenagers pregnant as some of our young ladies think that education is no longer important. As an entertainer and a mother this concerns me deeply so I am choosing to do something about it which is one reason I launched the foundation" she disclosed.