Alleged 'tarpaulin killer' to spend Christmas in jail

December 19, 2016
Police investigators at the Crystal Towers apartment complex, where a woman was murdered, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend, Phillip Brown.

Phillip Brown, the man dubbed the tarpaulin killer, will spend Christmas in jail.

Brown, 29, is charged with the murder of 31-year-old Kerry-Ann Wilson, whose body was found wrapped in a tarpaulin in a gully near the Crystal Towers Apartment complex.

When he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish court today, the judge was told that the post mortem was outstanding. In addition, the prosecution had not provided his attorneys will the relevant documents containing the evidence that the Crown and police have collected to prosecute the case. 

Brown's attorney, Hugh Falconer, had to apologised to the court because of the way his client looked. The accused wore a dirty-looking white shirt and his hair appeared unkempt.

Falconer told the judge that Brown had not been supplied with clothes in time for him to appear in court on Monday.

He is scheduled to re-appear in court on January 27.